Father/Daughter Registration

Hello! If you missed the Father/Daughter number in registration it’s not too late!

Cost: $15.00
What is it?

This is a time-honored tradition of the show and is a special musical number where we invite dads to take a spin around the ice with their daughters. This is a choreographed number to one song in the show, has a small fee to cover rehearsals, and includes rental skates for those who need them. Fathers are required to have basic skating skills and there is one mandatory rehearsal and one mandatory dress rehearsal.

What does it entail?
  • All fathers and daughters will skate in TWO of the four shows. We will provide more information as to what shows after we have a complete list of everyone participating in the number. Graduating seniors and their dads are welcome to skate in all four shows.
  • This number lasts for one song in the show. This is a choreographed number and does require ONE mandatory rehearsal (usually the week before show week) and ONE mandatory dress rehearsal (usually Wednesday of show week).
  • We do ask that our dads have basic skating skills. Forward gliding/stroking, a basic turn and stopping are all you really need. If you need a refresher or have never been on skates, our amazing coaches are here to help! Just schedule a lesson at your convenience. South Suburban also offers adult learn to skate classes.
  • Dads are asked to wear black pants (or nice black jeans) and a white button down shirt for the number.
  • Dads are also asked to be present at Family Sports Day (March 5, 2022) for a group photo with their daughters for the official show program.
What do you get?

Memories that last a lifetime and the biggest smile on your daughter’s face! Below is a photo of what you can expect.

Father/Daughter 2019 during Coco.

Registration Form

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to include your dad in the show. Registration is below and closes on December 1, 2021.