“Another Row of sequins, please”

The late, great Peggy DeLio is the reason we are all here.  The reason there are now over two hundred skaters that show up for auditions and can’t wait for the cast list to be revealed, rehearsals to start, costumes to be distributed and the curtain to rise on opening night. Showtime on Ice was Peggy’s vision and over the years Peggy touched thousands of lives though her passion of performing on ice.  Showtime on Ice is Denver’s only local ice production and we thank her every year for her vision and her dream of creating magic on ice!

The Beginning

Peggy DeLio created Showtime on Ice with Christa and Carlo Fassi at Colorado Ice Arena in 1973.  She was involved in the producer/director role for “Showtime on Ice” from 1973-2012 (she passed away in December 2011).  Peggy created the show experience to expose figure skaters and their families to Broadway musicals and classics. The first show was modeled after Ice Follies and each subsequent show has featured a different theme.  Peggy loved her work and always said she was helping to create memories for all of the participants.


South Suburban Ice Arena ~ 6580 S. Vine St. Centennial, CO 80121