Measurements, Fittings, Hairstyles, & More

INITIAL MEASUREMENTS – All skaters will follow the same protocol as last year and will enter their measurements during registration. More information can be found HERE

COSTUME FITTINGS – The first fittings will take place on February 10, 2024. We will have hundreds of costumes to fit so, following the order of the day is crucial to keeping things on track. More information to follow as the day gets closer. You may have to attend additional fittings if your costume requires alterations after the initial fitting. We will update this page with a list of any costumes that will NOT be ready. Please be patient as our seamstresses and costume committee works tirelessly to get it all done!

COSTUME CARE – Once you have your costume, take good care of it! We will not have replacement costumes or accessories. Keep everything together and safe in your house until dress rehearsals and show weekend. You will have to take your costume home with you after dress rehearsals and performances. Please make sure that you have all costumes and accessories accounted for before you leave. We will offer black garment bags with SOI logo for an additional cost of $10.

WHEN TO WEAR – You will not wear your costume(s) to rehearsals until the two dress rehearsals during show week, and of course during all show performances.

LEOTARDS – If you have a small skater we recommend getting them a nude leotard to wear under their costume. This will help keep them warm. We will have more information about this as we get closer to fittings. The leotard type will depend on the type of costume you have. Order custom bodysuits from our costume designer in person or through her Etsy site HERE.

Guidelines for hairstyles, make-up, and skate tights required for all character and group parts will be added here at a later date.