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Whether you are a new parent or a show veteran, this page is your ultimate resource for all things related to Showtime on Ice. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please email us and we will get back to you. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Showtime on Ice is the region’s longest and biggest local ice show! Founded in 1973, Showtime has been running for over 50 years. We are a full-scale, professional ice production that uses lights, curtains, large-scale props, and more to give our skaters and audience a fantastic and memorable experience! Click HERE to read more about the origin and history of the show.

2024 Production Calendar

Below is the preliminary calendar for the 2024 show. Please mark all of these dates in your calendar.

Registration Opens – September 22, 2023

Registration Closes – October 21, 2023

Last date to test for casting consideration (USFS Singles/Free Skate Tests only) – October 26-27, 2023

Auditions – Saturday morning, October 28, 2023.

Cast Photo Day January 20, 2024

Initial Costume Fittings February 10, 2024

Rehearsals – begin the weekend of March 23, 2024

Show Week – April 15-21, 2024

Set-Up Day – April 17, 2024

Show Dates – April 19-21, 2024 (all shows run approximately 2 hours, including a 20-minute intermission) Skaters perform in all four shows.

  • Friday, April 19 – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, April 20 – 1:30 pm
  • Saturday, April 20 – 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, April 21- 1:30 pm

Showtime on Ice – Special Features

In addition to our overall theme, we have other elements in our show. From our phenomenal guest skaters and club teams to our parents and skaters and graduating seniors, we pack a lot in our productions!


– By far the biggest excitement is when we announce our guest skaters in February. Every year, our show has hosted some of the biggest and brightest stars in figure skating. Past guest skaters have included Adam Rippon, Ryan Bradley, Max Aaron, Gracie Gold, and going way back we had Scott Hamilton, Paul Wylie, and more!


– This is a time-honored tradition of the show and is a special musical number where we invite moms and dads to take a spin around the ice with their sons and daughters. This number has a $30 fee to cover rehearsals and includes rental skates, for those who need them, as well as a show theme T-shirt for the parent to wear during the show. All participating parents are required to have basic skating skills and there is one mandatory rehearsal and one mandatory dress rehearsal.


– These teams skate in two of our four shows. Denver Synchronicity is part of the Denver Colorado Figure Skating Club and focuses on synchronized skating, where teams of 8 to 20 skaters perform programs together with challenging sequences and elements. Read more about synchro HERE.


– Theatre will also skate in two of the four shows and is also a part of DCFSC. Theatre on Ice is another team skating structure that incorporates skating elements with theater and dance. Read more about theatre on ice HERE.


– Adult tested skaters are choreographed within one or more scenes in the show. Only adult skaters who are tested in free skate/singles and/or dance are welcome to register for the 2024 SOI production. Adult skaters who are in LTS or Basic Skills are NOT eligible for this number.


 Every year we celebrate our graduating seniors. Many of our skaters have been in the show from a young age and the Senior Number is a special acknowledgment of these skaters and their accomplishments.

Quick Guide – Click Headings to learn more

Registration Dates & Guide

Registration opens on September 22 and ends October 21, 2023. ALL skaters that wish to be in the show MUST register by the deadline. No exceptions. **Please note that registration may close sooner if we reach a maximum of 200 registrations overall and 100 LTS registrations total.

Please click below and read through the entire Registration Guide. The guide includes all casting criteria, code of conduct expectations, and more.


Auditions will be held throughout the morning by skater levels. Complete information on auditions, including the schedule and mandatory forms can be found HERE.

LEARN TO SKATE AUDITIONS – The Learn to Skate auditions are meant to be fun and are mostly a chance for us to meet the skaters and organize them by level and age. There is absolutely zero pressure and your skater will be with other skaters in a group, with a leader, the whole time.

USFS AUDITIONS – These skaters will be broken into groups/times by USFS level.


Learn to Skate – If your skater has a favorite skating skirt or dress, this is the perfect time to wear it! However, skaters can wear anything that they are comfortable with. Please don’t go out and buy anything special for this day. Leggings, jeans, fleece coats, etc..are fine. If your skater wears a helmet, please bring it. We also encourage gloves and/or hats to keep warm.

USFS – This is your time to shine! Wear your favorite competition or testing dress/outfit. Do your hair and makeup. This is your opportunity to WOW the committee and casting coaches. UPDATE: Do NOT dress as a specific character for our show themes.

SCHEDULE – Saturday, October 28, 2023 at South Suburban Sports Complex. A more detailed schedule will be emailed to all registered participants prior to Auditions.

Skater Eligibility & Requirements

Due to the high level of interest in our show, we only consider skaters that are a current student in the Learn to Skate program at South Suburban Sports Complex and/or Family Sports Center. We do not accept skaters outside of these rinks.

Skaters that are not in the Learn to Skate program must be a current full or associate member, in good standing, of the Denver Colorado Figure Skating Club AND must be coached a majority of their time at South Suburban Sports Complex and/or Family Sports Center.


Casting will take place directly after auditions. It generally takes a week or two to post the final cast list.

Learn to Skate – Learn to Skate skaters will be cast, in a group number, in the first half of the show. Skaters will be grouped by age and skating level.

USFS Skaters – these skaters will be cast in both halves of the show. A skater will be assigned to two group numbers in each half OR one group number and one character role. Please see the Casting Criteria section in the Registration Guide for more information.

Time Commitment

Aside from Audition Day and Photo Day, the biggest required time commitment will be rehearsals. We have a very limited time to rehearse, so we expect all skaters to attend every rehearsal. Rehearsals begin March 23, 2024, and run through opening night.

If you have a skater that is also very involved in spring sports and/or other extracurricular activities, we suggest you consider this before committing to the show.


Learn to Skate skaters will be cast in a group number, in the first half of the show.

Regular Rehearsals – Expect to attend a Saturday OR Sunday rehearsal for approximately one hour beginning the last weekend in March. So, your skater will attend rehearsals on the weekends of March 23/24, April 6/7, April 13/14. Expect to attend rehearsals on March 30. There will be no rehearsals on March 31 due to the Easter holiday.

Show Week Rehearsals – Expect to attend rehearsal every evening of Show Week. Regular rehearsals will be Monday and Tuesday, April 15 and 16, and run from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Dress rehearsals are Wednesday and Thursday, April 17 and 18, and run from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Learn to skate skaters will be released early on these evenings and do not stay the entire time.

Showtime Weekend – April 19-21. There will be one evening show on Friday, two shows on Saturday (matinee and evening), and a matinee show on Sunday. Your skater will be in all four shows. This is a big weekend so, block it off entirely.


USFS skaters will be cast in both halves of the show. Skaters may be in two group numbers or they may be cast as a character in one half and in a group number in the other.

Regular Rehearsals – Expect to attend a Saturday OR Sunday rehearsal AND a Tuesday and/or Thursday evening rehearsal for approximately one hour beginning March 23.

Show Week Rehearsals – Expect to attend rehearsal every evening of Show Week. Regular rehearsals will be Monday and Tuesday, April 15 and 16, and run from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Dress rehearsals are Wednesday and Thursday, April 17 and 18, and run from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

*A Note on Skating Levels for New Families

If you are new to skating and a bit confused about the levels, here is a quick explanation followed by a link to the United States Figure Skating site. You can also consult with your child’s coach or contact us at any time with questions.

Learn to Skate – Learn to skate students are considered skaters that are currently enrolled in the Learn to Skate program. Testing in this program is specific to the level and takes place at the end of each session. Learn to Skate skaters will be cast in a group number, with skaters of the same skill level, in the first half of the show.

USFS Tested Skaters – United States Figure Skating testing begins after learn to skate programs. These test dates are monthly and you must register in advance, usually under the advice of your child’s skating coach. Each level requires two tests; the first is the Skating Skills test (formerly Moves in the Field) which tests technique and, when passed, the skater is eligible to take the Singles test (formerly Free Skate test). The Singles test encompasses a skating program to music with required elements. Skaters may also take additional tests to advance in Dance and Pairs. USFS tested Pre Preliminary Singles and above levels are eligible to be cast in BOTH halves of our show. These skaters may be cast in two group numbers or one group and one character role. Skaters who are tested in both free skate and dance, may choose the highest tested level for auditions. Skaters tested in pairs must be registered and attend auditions with their partner.

Click HERE for more information on USFS testing and levels.

Click HERE for Dance Equivalency Chart


Each skater will pay a registration fee and will pay the balance in January 2024. Each registration includes ice time for auditions, rehearsals, and our show weekend, the costume(s), a show program and, an autograph session with the guest skaters on the last day of the show.

Learn to Skate/Basic Skills/USFS below Pre Preliminary: $225 ($150 at registration and $75 due 1/15/24)

USFS Skaters, Pre-Preliminary Freeskate and above, cast in two groups: $350 ($150 at registration and $200 due 1/15/24)

USFS Skaters, Pre-Preliminary Freeskate and above, cast in a group and as a named character: $400 ($150 at registration and $250 due 1/15/24)

Additional Costs and Fees

Parent/Skater Dance – $30

The Parent/Skater Dance is an optional add-on and is an opportunity for a skater and her/his parent to participate in the parent/skater number for two of the performances.

Adult Skater Number (Adult ONLY tested skaters) – $75

This option is ONLY available to tested skaters. Learn to Skate skaters are not eligible for this option.

Program Skater Ad – Varies

Parents can place an ad for their skater in the official show program. The cost varies depending on ad selection.


We sell T-shirts and hoodies with the show theme on the front and the cast list on the back. Apparel sales begin in early February and items range from $10 to $40.

Any additional merchandise options

We will have additional items that will be available for purchase.


The directors, choreographers, and skaters work so hard and it is our mission every year to sell out as many shows as possible. The skaters love performing in a packed house!

BOX OFFICE OPENS – February 15, 2024

POSTER CANVASSING AND PROMOTIONAL IMAGES – We will have days where we need help to post our show posters in local businesses. We will also provide images to help you promote ticket sales for your skater. Help them win those prizes!

SKATER TICKET CONTEST – Every year we hold a skater ticket contest that starts when the box office opens and ends on dress rehearsal night (the Thursday before opening night). Skaters have a chance to win prizes ranging from gift cards and small items to a step-out in the next production!

TICKETS DO NOT COME WITH SKATER REGISTRATION – All families are required to purchase tickets to the shows they wish to attend and need to purchase an additional ticket for their child who is skating in the FIRST HALF to be able to watch the SECOND HALF of the show. We discourage purchasing on-ice row A seats if you are only planning to stay and watch your skater perform in the FIRST HALF of the show. WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT OF THE WHOLE SHOW AND ALL OF OUR SKATERS!!

Purchasing a ticket for a child 3 years and older is recommended. Children under 3 have free admission and may sit in their parent/guardian’s lap.

BLEACHER SEATING – $20 (A few rows are discounted to $10 for a partially obstructed view.)

ON-ICE SEATING – Every year we offer the chance for our audience to experience the magic up close and in person! On-ice seating is set around the perimeter of the rink and tends to be generally colder than the bleachers. Bringing a dark color blanket is advised. Showtime on Ice fleece blankets are also available for sale each year. On-ice seating prices vary from $20 to $30.

HANDICAPPED SEATING – We do offer a rather limited amount of handicapped seating. If you need assistance with wheelchair seats, please contact us HERE.

TICKET EXCHANGES – You may contact our Ticket coordinators for any ticket related questions and exchanges HERE. There will be no refunds offered once the tickets are purchased. Tickets will only be fully refunded in case of show cancellation. Exchanges will be allowed until one week prior to the show.

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