Auditions – Saturday November 6, 2021 – South Suburban Sports Complex

Auditions will be held throughout the morning by skater levels. A schedule will be posted as soon as it’s available.



We will no longer have costume measurements on the same day as auditions. Due to Covid restrictions, we will be asking parents to enter their child’s measurements in the registration form. This is something you should complete before you sit down to complete the online form. Below is a video from our seamstress demonstrating how to take the measurements. Bonus – no more waiting in long lines during auditions!

Click HERE for more information on how to measure your skater.


We have two waivers that will need to be downloaded, signed, and brought to auditions. You will drop them off at skater check-in.


LEARN TO SKATE AUDITIONS – The Learn to Skate auditions are meant to be fun and are mostly a chance for us to meet the skaters and organize them by level and age. There is absolutely zero pressure and your skater will be with other skaters in a group, with a leader, the whole time. They will have a great time!

USFS AUDITIONS – These skaters will be broken into groups/times by USFS level.


7:30-8:00-Learn to Skate and Basic Skills

8:05-8:35-Pre-Preliminary-Preliminary Free Skate and Dance

8:40-9:10- Pre-Juvenile-Juvenile Free Skate, Pre-Bronze-Bronze Dance

9:15-9:45- Intermediate-Senior Free Skate, Pre-Silver and higher Dance


Learn to Skate – If your skater has a favorite skating skirt or dress, this is the perfect time to wear it! However, skaters can wear anything that they are comfortable with. Please don’t go out and buy anything special for this day. Leggings, jeans, fleece coats, etc..are fine. If your skater wears a helmet, please bring it. We also encourage gloves and/or hats to keep warm.

USFS – This is your time to shine! Wear your favorite competition or testing dress/outfit. Do your hair and makeup. If you want to be a specific character in the show, dress the part! This is your opportunity to WOW the committee and casting coaches.


TIPS – Learn to Skate skaters

  • Be on time and warmed up
  • Dress warm and bring your helmet, if you wear one
  • Be cooperative, curteous and good listeners! Open those ears!
  • SMILE!!
  • Show off your speciality moves!
  • Most of all – HAVE FUN! That is what Showtime on Ice is all about

TIPS – USFS skaters

  • Be on time and warmed up
  • Be cooperative, curteous and good listeners
  • Be familiar with the theme that you are auditioning for
  • Be familiar with the music
  • Know your lyrics and DROP your jaw!
  • Be prepared to show your acting skills
  • Connect to the casting coaches and committee members
  • SMILE!!
  • Do not overplay the audition. Be believable to the best of your ability.
  • Show your skating skills – turns, edges, jumps and POWER
  • Show off your speciality moves
  • High test skaters – be familiar with the various roles presented
  • Most of all – HAVE FUN! That is what Showtime on Ice is all about
  • Lastly – show that you are a team player by being positive regardless of the role your are assigned


Casting will take place directly after auditions. It generally takes a week or two to post the final cast list.

Learn to Skate – Learn to Skate skaters will be cast, in a group number, in the first half of the show. Skaters will be grouped by age and skating level.

USFS Skaters – these skaters will be cast in both halves of the show. A skater will be assigned to two group numbers in each half OR one group number and one character role. Please see the Casting Criteria section in the Registration Guide for more information.